About us

We are an independent research organization that gathers information on the causes and cures for skin issues around the eyes and other parts of the body that can be remedied by creams.

You may be asking WHY we would go through the bother of doing this.    The answer is several-fold.   First, we are trying to get the information.. the truthful information out to the public about what their best options are, in terms of getting rid of the signs of aging around the eye.   These include wrinkles, dark circles, and under eye bags.

Second, we want to give consumers the tools they need to cut through all the marketing hype, and be able to find the information necessary to find the best eye cream or other skin cream that will work best for them.  It’s a hard challenge, but we are dedicated to completing the task.

The other reason we operate this website is to make money.   Yes, we said it.    We sell advertising banners on the side and top or bottom of our pages.  So, when you are reading our pages, if you see an ad you like, please click it.   We get paid a few cents every time you do.    So, our main goal is to give solid information to our readers, and hopefully they will also visit some of the sponsoring advertisers on our site.

Lastly, we DO get compensation from any products we recommend on our site.   Some may pay a fee, or some may have a proprietary relationship with us.   HOWEVER, we Promise never to recommend a product to our readers that we do not completely believe in, in terms of how it can help your skin.