Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Review

Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel

Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel

Drains Puffy Eye Bags


    Fades Dark Eye Circles


      Reduces Wrinkles Fast


        Overall Grade



          • Works Fast on Bags
          • Works Fast on Darkness
          • Helps Wrinkles Quickly
          • Natural and Organic


          • Only available online
          • Costs a bit more

          The Clear Dominator of the Eye Cream space is Dermagist

          This is not the biggest, or most well known eye product. In fact, it’s a smaller, family owned product that has become the best kept secret in terms of getting rid of the Three Big Problems around the eye area. What’s more, they do it with an all natural product, that doesn’t contain any chemicals, or do any animal testing.

          Ok, So what ARE the 3 big problems around the eye, that most people want to cure?

          Dark Circles around the eyes, Puffy bags under the eyes, and of course wrinkles under and around the eye area. This is the “holy trinity” of eye cream focus. If an eye cream can actually dramatically help all 3 of those problems, then it’s a clear winner.

          Guess what… Dermagist DID IT. Their Eye Revolution Gel is a fabulous product that excels beyond any other competitor in terms of giving drastic results in all 3 areas to its users. HOW they do it, is via science, pure and simple. The science behind the ingredients is the big deal here. So, let’s go through each of the “Big 3” problems, and discuss how the ingredients fulfill your wishes when it comes to getting fast results.

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          Dark Circles Around the Eye:
          Here, the main ingredient which absolutely attacks dark circles is Haloxyl®. This powerful peptide both helps erase existing darkness and “bruised” coloration around the eye, AND it helps prevent future darkness from appearing. A dark circle is actually the accumulation of loose blood particles that have leaked from weak capillary walls around the eye. When capillary walls leak out small amounts of blood, these blood particles look for the nearest, easiest place to settle. Usually, that’s right in the thin skin that surrounds the eye. So, what happens is that all these blood particles accumulate, and create that dark color. Haloxyl® breaks down these blood particles so that the body can eliminate them, PLUS it strengthens the capillary walls, so that no further blood particles can leak out , and perpetuate the same problem again. It’s a heavy does of eliminating the current problem, and also preventing it from happening again while using it. It’s a truly miraculous ingredient, WHEN USED IN THE RIGHT CONCENTRATION. Dermagist uses it perfectly, whereas some cheaper products that contain Haloxyl®, put a very tiny amount in their formulas, just so they can say “Contains Haloxyl”. When you buy Dermagist, you get the full power of this ingredient.

          Puffy Bags Under the Eye:
          When it comes to puffy eye bags, the ONLY ingredient to have is called Eyeliss®. This is another peptide that costs a fortune per dose. Dermagist doesn’t care though. They KNOW that when their customers use their Eye Revolution Gel, and get the serious results that go along with that, the investment in this high quality ingredient will be well worth it for them. How it works, in a nutshell, is by breaking down the fatty globules which sometimes accumulate under the eye. These puffy areas are often virtually impossible for the body to break down, and flush out through the system. Eyeliss® makes that happen, virtually draining the puffy bags in a matter of weeks, and sometimes even just days. Again, this is the type of ingredient that some other creams will add a tiny amount to their formula so they can “claim” it contains it. Dermagist uses Eyeliss® in the recommended concentration, damn the costs. You will know when you use the Dermagist Eye Gel, that you are getting something superior to the others.

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          Wrinkles Around the Eye:
          As if One Fantastic ingredient that eliminates wrinkles wasn’t enough, Leave it to Dermagist to go way beyond that. Their Eye Revolution Gel contains Matrixyl® which is a peptide that tricks your skin at the DNA level to produce Collagen and Elastin like it did when you were a baby. You see, Collagen and Elastin are what keeps skin firm, plump, and elastic. As we age, however, our skin stops producing Collagen and Elastin. That’s why wrinkles start to appear when we age. But, with the help of Matrixyl®, our skin kick-starts that production again, resulting in smooth, firm skin that basically “Heals” the wrinkles that it might already have. Additionally, Dermagist’s eye gel also has Hyaluronic Acid which ads massive amounts of moisture to the skin and seals it in. Further, this formula contains Argireline, which even Dr. Oz touted as a topical ingredient that rivals Botox when it comes to getting wrinkle busting effects. With this combination of wrinkle-fighting ingredients, this eye gel is a serious enemy and very effective soldier in the war on wrinkles.

          For the main reasons above, we have decided to name the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel our Editor’s Choice for the Very Best Overall Eye product on the market. We can not recommend it enough to our readers, and we hope that many will take advantage of this advice.