Shopping for a Dark Circle Eye Cream

Shopping for eye gels and wrinkle creams are sometimes a daunting job. With each eye gel and lotion claiming it includes the best and most powerful component to battle eye wrinkles or dark eye circles, the best way to tell which are counterfeit and which are accurate?

Luckily, there have been scientific tests and plenty of creme reviews that have narrowed the list of important components to try to find in a great eye gel or wrinkle cream: For eye wrinkle fighting power, the ingredients to look for are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), glycolic acid, and retinol. Glycolic acid is among the very favorable forms of AHAs. It has the smallest molecular structure, which helps it enter the teeny pores round the eyes. Once it penetrates the skin, glycolic acids can help stimulate collagen and elastin, two proteins that help skin maintain strength and elasticity. Retinol is the creature form of vitamin A. Retinols are also quite little molecules that are easily absorbed into the skin. Retinols have been proven to help increase exfoliation as well as the speed of skin turnover. Tests also revealed retinols stimulate collagen production and even fosters the capacity for skin cells to retain moisture. Both AHAs and retinol help show the smoother layer beneath the surface and decrease the appearance of fine lines and eye wrinkles.

If dark circles under the eyes are your dilemma, understand first that those dark circles might be caused in part by genetics. Dark circles can also result from lack of sleep, ailment or diet, which are variables you can fix and control. You can look for eye gels and lotions that have hydroquinone, a substance used to lighten hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, on the skin. Hydroquinone is a strong skin-bleaching agent that breaks down the melanin-producing cells in the skin. Nevertheless, there’s controversy over the security of hydroquinone, especially at high doses (don’t worry; most over the counter eye products include less than 2%, which is considered a safe dose). An all-natural alternative is kojic acid, which is derived from mushrooms. Vitamins C, K and E also work directly and indirectly to diminish the dark circles; vitamin K is specially believed to be proficient at healing broken vessels. As an extra bonus, these vitamins do double duty against free radicals that are harmful to skin cells.

Lots of the above-mentioned ingredients will also help minimize the appearance of those sagging bags beneath the eyes. Eye bags are caused by aging skin that’s losing elasticity; or inflammation, which causes the eyes to look puffier. Anti-puffiness eye creams and gels may contain witch hazel or herbal extracts to sooth away inflammation.

Look for an eye gel or wrinkle cream that comprises these ingredients. Most work well in combination. Remember also to get adequate rest, eat healthy, drink water, and to wear sunscreen.

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